Young referees looking to progress in the game will no doubts make their way through the youth and amateur ranks before progressing onto Junior football and, potentially, the senior leagues.

To help our up-and-coming younger referees, Glasgow Association operates a Youth Development Initiative and Minor Grades Assessment Panel.

See more about this in our information booklet here – Referee Info

Club Academy Scotland

Co-ordinated by David Bilsland, the Club Academy Scotland seeks to develop the next generation of Scotland stars and footballers. All of the main senior clubs take part including Rangers, Celtic and Partick Thistle from Under 12s right through to Under 17s level.  It is an ideal platform for young referees to develop with opportunities to referee the top youngsters in Scotland and even a Celtic vs Rangers match at this level.

Any member wishing to find out more about the Club Academy can email David at:

David also asks that any senior listed official (Category 3 and above) who is available to observe the referees at these games contact him on a weekly basis.

Girls Youth Football

Co-ordinated by Alan Burnett, Girls Youth Football seeks to develop the next generation of Scotland stars. You will gain the opportunity to cover games from Under 12s right through to Under 19s level and be an Assistant Referee for the SWPL.  It is an ideal platform for young referees to develop with opportunities including being appointed to Regional Cup Finals.

In the 2014, Glasgow Association has appointed referees to the Girls Scottish Cup Finals. In the 2015 and 2016 seasons we were also tasked with covering the Semi-Finals along with the Finals. 2017 seen the finals moved to the Orium in Edinburgh.

The Girls/Women’s section continues to grow each year. The 2018 season see the introduction of the U15s and U19s Performance National Leagues for elite teams.

The Girls/Women’s football season runs from March to around October/November with a summer break in July. Girls/Women’s football is one of the fastest growing sports in the world and to be apart of something that is now gaining so much interest is a great opportunity for any referee.

Any member wishing to get involved with the Girls game can email Alan on:

Minor Grades Panel

For referees officiating at amateur and youth level, who have aspirations of progressing higher in the game, the Minor Grades Panel provides superb support.

Co-ordinated by Gerry Durning, the Panel consists of a group of dedicated members who will assess referees officiating at amateur and youth level, providing feedback and support to them on how they can develop their game.

Games are watched throughout the season, weather permitting, and the support of the Panel has been extremely beneficial over the years, with top young referees at category 1 being aided by the reports submitted by the Panel.

Any young referee wishing to submit their games can contact Gerry on: or 07906 947886

The following summary  notes  were drafted by the  Minor Grades Advisory Panel  for the benefit of  referees  officiating  on  their  own –  without  assistant  referees.

SFA Youth Congress

Glasgow Referee Association works with the SFA Youth Congress to retain and encourage young referees to develop and get the most out of refereeing. Glasgow Association has a dedicated Youth Representative who reports to the Referee Ambassador on the SFA Youth Congress.

The role requires the individual to report to the Association the objectives of the congress and acts to support the Referee Ambassador with their objectives. The current Glasgow Association Youth Referee Ambassador is Euan Birch.

Fitness Advice

The following documents have been added to the development section of the site to help members maintain their fitness levels. Fitness is a key factor when it comes to promotions in refereeing.

Referee Pre-Season Programme 2015-2016 Season – Elite Level

Injury Prevention Overall

Winter Support Document

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