2020 Promotions

SFAR Glasgow is delighted to announce the following individuals who have received promotions.

Congratulations to all and good luck for next season.

The Refcom re-grading meeting was on the 15th May and, on behalf of the Glasgow RA, I am pleased to congratulate the following members on their achievements.


Cat 2 Dev to Cat 2​​​ – Ross Hardie

Cat 3 to Cat 3 SAR Dev – Scott Anderson & Chris Rae

Cat 3 Dev. to Cat 3​​​ – Brian Christie, Robert Peacock & Regan Wallace

Cat 4 Dev. to Cat 3 Dev – Steven Clark, Thomas Denholm, Scott Douglas

​​​​​Fraser Macara, Yaser Razouk & Jamie Wilkie

Prior to the AGM, Garry Doherty (7 seasons) and Liam Butler (8 seasons) decided to resign from the List after serving senior football for many years. Both wish to retain their membership with Glasgow RA.

After many successful years, Jim Burns (13 seasons) and Scott Love (11 seasons) have completed their careers as category 3 officials and have been re-classified as category 4 referees.

Gary, Liam, Jim and Scott are thanked for their service to senior football. I wish them every success and good health for the future.

Given the fierce competition for limited spaces, Members, unfortunate not to receive the outcome they desired, are urged to stay positive and, with the support from Gerry and myself, re-charge and re-double their efforts to achieve success in the future.

Keep well, fit and stay safe.

Alan Cunningham

Association Manager, Glasgow RA.

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