Bryan Robertson

Message from Alan Cunningham

After almost 53 years continuous service to refereeing, Bryan Robertson has decided to retire from his current Referee Observer role with the Scottish FA.  Bryan started his refereeing career in 1967 and enjoyed 20 seasons on the Senior List  (with 8 seasons at category 1) before retiring at the end of season 1990-91. During this time he received several International appointments in the UEFA Cup assisting referees Alastair MacKenzie, John Gordon and George Smith.  As well as actively refereeing, Bryan was involved with the running of the Associations’ activities for many years, firstly, helping out in the Minor Grades Advisory Panel. He was keen to look after the interests of members and became a hard working and highly efficient Secretary for Glasgow RA for 7 seasons (1992-93 to 1998-99) whilst being in the first group of Referee Development Advisors appointed by the Scottish FA.

In 2005-06, under the re-organisation of refereeing in Scotland, Bryan became the first Association Manager for Glasgow overseeing its business in an exemplary manner until 2016 when he changed roles to take up Assistant Managers’ duties and stood down from this position in 2018. Since 1999-00 he has served as a Referee Supervisor / Observer utilising his enormous experience and wisdom to provide a considerable amount of advice and support to match officials.

Bryan continues to be a dedicated husband and carer to his wife, Phyllis, who is now housebound due to ill health. It is hoped that Bryan will be able to attend future members’ meetings and cover the occasional game under the Minor Grades or Development Initiative.

On behalf of all the members of Glasgow RA, I congratulate Bryan on his distinguished career and devotion to refereeing spanning over 52 years and I wish him a long, healthy and enjoyable retirement.

Alan Cunningham, Association Manager Glasgow RA.

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