SFAR Glasgow AGM and SGM 2017

Annual General Meeting

All members should have received an email containing links to information regarding fee payment and the proposed changes to the constitution. If you have not received this email first check your junk email folder then if not there contact the association secretary.

The Annual General Meeting of the Association will be held at 7.30 pm on Thursday 20th April 2017 in the Auditorium at Hampden Park for the following purposes:

1. To receive Reports from Council, Secretary, Association Manager, Treasurer, Auditor, Training Class, Minor Grades and Social Committee for the year ended 28th February 2017

2. To elect or re-elect the Office Bearers, Council Members and Auditors

3. To consider the Annual Membership Fee for season 2017/18

Special General Meeting

A Special General Meeting is being called ahead of this years AGM, scheduled to start at 7.15 in the Auditorium at Hampden. The sole item of business for the SGM is to vote on the proposed National Referee Constitution to replace our current constitution.

The new constitution being proposed is a central element of the Scottish FA’s proposal emanating from the review of Referees’ Associations. The purpose of seeking to introduce a new Constitution is to ensure that each Referees’ Association in Scotland has the same constitution and that each referee in the country would be subject to the same constitution regardless of which Association he or she is a member. The adoption across the Associations and eliminate the variances between the constitutions of the Associations which have developed over time.
The proposed constitution contains provisions for disciplinary and child wellbeing cases to be referred to the Scottish FA for consideration and auctioning if applicable, thus standardising the same consistent approach to all referees and Referees’ Associations.

It would be wrong of us as an Council to instruct you which way to vote, however council has had an input into the new proposed constitution and fully supports its introduction.

Membership Fee

Your Membership Fee of £35.00 is due to be paid prior to the date of the Annual General Meeting and I am obliged to draw your attention to the following clauses contained within the Constitution:

4.0       Any Member who has failed to pay the Membership fee for the ensuing season shall not attend the Annual General Meeting.

6.0       The Membership year shall run from 1st July to 30th June in each year

6.1       The Membership fee shall be made up of two elements: first, such sum as may be fixed by a majority of the Members at the preceding Annual General Meeting, second the amount of the Referee Registration Fee fixed by the Scottish Football Association as at the date on which notice is given of the Annual General Meeting.

6.3       The Membership Fee shall be payable prior to the Annual General Meeting. Any member who has not paid their Fee by the Annual General Meeting but who pays it within fourteen (14) days from that Meeting shall be liable for a fee of Ten Pounds (£10.00) for late payment.

6.4       Any Member whose Fee remains unpaid after the expiry of fourteen (14) days from the date of the Annual General Meeting shall be liable for a fee of Fifteen Pounds (£15.00) for late payment.

6.5       Any Member whose Fee remains unpaid by 30 June will cease to be a Member and become Debt-suspended, but shall nevertheless remain liable for all monies due to the Association.

6.6       The Secretary will notify league secretaries of the members’ Debt-suspension.
In accordance with the above, only Members who have paid their membership fee, or who are constitutionally exempt, are entitled to be present at the Annual General Meeting.

Please Note; The Association will be strictly enforcing the late payment fee this year.

How to pay your membership fee

1. Pay by bank transfer (details below. Please ensure you use your name and reg number as reference. You must notify me, preferably by email, of payment.) Clydesdale Bank

A/C Name: SFAR Glasgow
sort code: 82-47-07
A/C No: 30546658

2. Prior to the AGM you can send your fee, either by cheque or Postal Order to me at the address below. (Cheques should be made payable to S.F.A.R. (Glasgow) and I would be obliged if you could write your address and registration number on the reverse side. If it is your intention to pay by Postal Order, can you ensure your PO is “crossed”, made payable to S.F.A.R. (Glasgow) and that your name, address and registration number is on the reverse side.

3. Payment by method 1 or 2 above is preferred but If you will be attending the AGM on 21stApril you can pay your fee on the night with cash or by cheque.

4. If you wish to resign from the Glasgow Referees Association, please inform me by email or letter to ensure you do not receive unwanted communication from the Association.

Your registration with the Scottish Football Association will be processed immediately upon payment of your Membership Fee. 

Please note in order to referee next season you need to pay your Membership/SFA Registration fee on or before the AGM on 20th April 2017.

Changes to personal details

Any changes to your personal details should be done via the Scottish FA extranet. It’s important your details are kept up to date to ensure you receive any communications issued throughout the season

Charity Collection
As you know Erskine is our chosen charity this year. Collection tins will be in place at the AGM for any donations you wish to give.

Finally, please find below the link to download a copy of the Annual Report and I hope you will be able to attend the AGM on the 20th April.

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