Training, New Class and Monthly Meeting

Training at Lochinch will end and return to Williamwood following the return of the schools. Everyone is welcome at all of our training areas including Crownpoint on a Tuesday evening starting at 7pm, Williamwood High School on a Wednesday evening with a 7pm start and Scotstoun Stadium also a Wednesday 7pm start. This includes those who have started the new training class.

The new training classes have begun at Hampden Park with 50 attendees coached by Mic, Graham and Charlie. We wish them all well in the 9 week process in which they will learn the fundamentals of the laws of the game and sit an online test at the end. This will be followed by an evening at Hampden with coaching from our top officials on the practical aspects of the game. All training class attendees are welcome at our training areas even before you pass the test. You will find a variety of individuals who will help and encourage you and answer any questions you may have about the game at all levels.

In addition to the training classes taking a permanent role at Hampden, it was extremely encouraging to see a fantastic turnout for our first Monthly Meeting at Hampden Stadium. The level of discussion and contribution was, as always, of a high quality, with thanks to Nick Walsh for the delivery of the coaching material.

The meeting was the first opportunity for our new Association Manager and newly appointed Assistant Referee Observer Alan Cunningham to deliver his first address to Glasgow Association which he did excellently. Alan congratulated all those who had received promotions in the closed season and mentioned how proud he was to be taking over from Bryan Robertson as he steps into the role of Assistant Association Manager.   In addition, Alan and William Young praised the contribution of retiring Association Manager Bryan Robertson which was well received with a lengthy round of applause from everyone in the Association as they personally thanked him for the success he has brought each and every person and for the tireless and continuing level of support he has provided to every referee across every level for countless years.

Monthly Meetings are held every second Thursday of the Month and President Michael Monaghan was encouraged by the support from the move to Hampden which he has announced will continue to be the venue of our Monthly Meetings.

It was also announced that we will be supporting the veterans charity Erskine this year through our many social events within the Association and preparations for the November Awards evening is well underway.

The next meeting is Thursday September 8th at 7.30pm, all members welcome.

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