GRA Golf Outing 2016

Glasgow Association Annual Golf Day

The annual golf day took place last Monday at Whitecraigs Golf Course on what turned out to be a wonderful day which actually required suntan lotion unlike the last 2 years where monsoon conditions required a wet suit.

There was a good turn out with 17 playing with 7 being past presidents of the association.

Our thanks goes to Waldorf and Stadler of the golf committee Mr Cruikshank and Mr McLachlan for once again organising the day also thanks to Whitecraigs Golf for once again allowing us access to their course.

Now onto the Golf.

Best Dressed goes to Fergie those of you who know him will understand Fergie does not do conservative dressing and he didn’t let us down on what can only be described as Shocking bright PINK Shorts and Matching Shirt.

Shot of the Day goes to our esteemed Mr William Young.

The first hole is a straight 156yd par 3 with 50ft conifers running up the right hand side

Wullie managed to hook the ball over the 50ft Conifer’s into the car park where it took one bounce missing the cars and right onto the Ayr Road where it was last seen heading for Clarkston Toll.

Club selection of the day goes to our Secretary Mr Hilland who on the par 3 7th was standing over the ball on the tee with an 8 iron when just as he went to play noticed he still had the plastic cover on the club which comes with it when you buy a new set of clubs.

After he played the shot I wished he had kept the cover on as I was his partner and let’s just say it wasn’t one of his best and it didn’t get any better over the next 11 holes either.

At the end of the round I had to be helped off the course as my 2 dodgy knees where done carrying Mr Hilland on my back.

Mr Cruickshank was his usual self at the prize giving speech I hope he doesn’t tell his passengers in the taxi the jokes he told us as there would be no tip given and a free ride requested.

The winners on the day where as follows.

1st Stuart Trotter 36 points

2nd Wullie Young 33 points

3rd Gordon McKay 32 points.

Once again thanks to all who contributed to the day and hope to see you all again next year.

Michael Monaghan


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