Members Notice – Day of Monthly Meeting

Member notice

Following discussions council are proposing to move the monthly meeting from a Friday to a Thursday night. This was first proposed to members at February meeting and again at March meeting, so this is why a deadline has been imposed.
In order to give all members a say on this proposal we have set a deadline of Monday 23rd March for feedback. This can be done by emailing the secretary at with your views. We would urge all members to take this opportunity to have their say on this proposal.
Council will consider the members views and make a decision ahead of the AGM.

To be clear the proposal is for the the night of the meeting to change from a Friday to a Thursday only. It will still be on the second week of each month in the same venue and at the same time.

We would also like take this opportunity to encourage all members to attend the monthly meetings. Most of the Association business has been removed from the agenda in order for us to concentrate more on the coaching, which is expertly provided by Nick Walsh and William Collum.
As highlighted by a Past President at the members’ meeting on Friday 13th March, “the membership vote for the Council to manage the affairs of the association at the AGM”, members did not have to be consulted and Council could have just changed the meeting night, but to take on board all comments and being transparent we have agreed on this consultation period.
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