2020 Promotions

SFAR Glasgow is delighted to announce the following individuals who have received promotions.

Congratulations to all and good luck for next season.

The Refcom re-grading meeting was on the 15th May and, on behalf of the Glasgow RA, I am pleased to congratulate the following members on their achievements.


Cat 2 Dev to Cat 2​​​ – Ross Hardie

Cat 3 to Cat 3 SAR Dev – Scott Anderson & Chris Rae

Cat 3 Dev. to Cat 3​​​ – Brian Christie, Robert Peacock & Regan Wallace

Cat 4 Dev. to Cat 3 Dev – Steven Clark, Thomas Denholm, Scott Douglas

​​​​​Fraser Macara, Yaser Razouk & Jamie Wilkie

Prior to the AGM, Garry Doherty (7 seasons) and Liam Butler (8 seasons) decided to resign from the List after serving senior football for many years. Both wish to retain their membership with Glasgow RA.

After many successful years, Jim Burns (13 seasons) and Scott Love (11 seasons) have completed their careers as category 3 officials and have been re-classified as category 4 referees.

Gary, Liam, Jim and Scott are thanked for their service to senior football. I wish them every success and good health for the future.

Given the fierce competition for limited spaces, Members, unfortunate not to receive the outcome they desired, are urged to stay positive and, with the support from Gerry and myself, re-charge and re-double their efforts to achieve success in the future.

Keep well, fit and stay safe.

Alan Cunningham

Association Manager, Glasgow RA.

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Online Coaching Clips and Seminar

We’re delighted to announce that members can take part on a new online seminar run by Nick Walsh and Craig Napier.

Members should have received an email on Friday detailing how to access the coaching clips to review and respond to by Friday, May 1st.

Referees will be shown 6 clips and asked to provide a decision along with a short explanation.

An optional Zoom coaching meeting will then be held on Tuesday 5th May 7.00pm to discuss the solutions and provide coaching.

Should you have any difficulties accessing these materials then please review your emails to see who you can contact for support.

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Regional Training Day

The Scottish FA Referee’s Dept. propose to run an on-line Regional Training Day via Zoom on Saturday 16th May 2020  10am to 12 noon.  Any member ( cat 4, 4 Dev, 5, 6 or 7 ) wishing to participate in this coaching session should email their Association Manager ( alan.cunningham@nulldmhall.co.uk  ) by Sunday 3rd May to register their interest in being included in this very informative and useful initiative that will assist with their referee development.


Alan Cunningham, Association Manager, SFA Referees Glasgow

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Thank you for attending – AGM 2020

Thank you to all 132 attendees of our AGM last night. It was encouraging to see so many people and a big thank you to the management committee for making it all come together!

We have the pleasure to announce the outcome of our management committee election. The successful candidates are:

Euan Birch

Ross Clark

Chris Gentles

Craig Napier

Chris Rae

Steven Reid

The Reserves are Brian Christie and Tony Ventre.

We also welcome our new President and Vice President as we enter our 75th anniversary season:

President – Sean Carr

Vice President – Nick Walsh

We wish everyone the very best and hope that you are all keeping fit, staying informed and looking after each other.

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George Ritchie

George Ritchie

It is with great sadness that I would inform you of the passing of George Ritchie today (Wednesday 8th April) at home after a long illness borne with tremendous courage and dignity for almost fourteen years.

George (81) was a Life Member of Glasgow RA and a great supporter and ambassador of the Association over many years. He joined the Association in 1963 and after retiring from active refereeing he continued to look after and support the membership in his various roles, Minor Grades Advisory Panel member and Convenor, Development Advisor and Assistant Referee Co-ordinator for the West Region of the SJFA. In all of his positions he discharged his duties in an exemplary manner. He was always keen to pass on his wisdom and invaluable experience whilst providing tremendous support and encouragement to members. For a considerable time, he was pivotal for many members achieving promotion to the “Senior List”. It is members of George’s calibre that allows the Association to proclaim it is the biggest and the best. A true gentleman who will be sadly missed.

My thoughts at this sad and difficult time are with his wife, Carmen and sons Brian and Derek and their families.

Alan Cunningham
Association Manager
Glasgow RA.

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AGM 2020

The Associations Management Committee are glad to announce that this seasons Annual General Meeting will be held via online video at 7.30 pm on Thursday 16th April 2020

All members should now have received an email with instructions on how to join the meeting, how to review the coaching material and how to vote.

Please contact glasgowreferees@nulllive.co.uk if you require further information.

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Bryan Robertson

Message from Alan Cunningham

After almost 53 years continuous service to refereeing, Bryan Robertson has decided to retire from his current Referee Observer role with the Scottish FA.  Bryan started his refereeing career in 1967 and enjoyed 20 seasons on the Senior List  (with 8 seasons at category 1) before retiring at the end of season 1990-91. During this time he received several International appointments in the UEFA Cup assisting referees Alastair MacKenzie, John Gordon and George Smith.  As well as actively refereeing, Bryan was involved with the running of the Associations’ activities for many years, firstly, helping out in the Minor Grades Advisory Panel. He was keen to look after the interests of members and became a hard working and highly efficient Secretary for Glasgow RA for 7 seasons (1992-93 to 1998-99) whilst being in the first group of Referee Development Advisors appointed by the Scottish FA.

In 2005-06, under the re-organisation of refereeing in Scotland, Bryan became the first Association Manager for Glasgow overseeing its business in an exemplary manner until 2016 when he changed roles to take up Assistant Managers’ duties and stood down from this position in 2018. Since 1999-00 he has served as a Referee Supervisor / Observer utilising his enormous experience and wisdom to provide a considerable amount of advice and support to match officials.

Bryan continues to be a dedicated husband and carer to his wife, Phyllis, who is now housebound due to ill health. It is hoped that Bryan will be able to attend future members’ meetings and cover the occasional game under the Minor Grades or Development Initiative.

On behalf of all the members of Glasgow RA, I congratulate Bryan on his distinguished career and devotion to refereeing spanning over 52 years and I wish him a long, healthy and enjoyable retirement.

Alan Cunningham, Association Manager Glasgow RA.

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Coronavirus Friendly Matches

Please note that the official line to clubs from the Scottish FA on training is that “the decision to suspend or continue training is at each club’s discretion at this time, however clubs must ensure to follow current medical guidance when making this decision”.

“Under no circumstances will friendly matches or ‘bounce games’ be permitted, even if these take place within a scheduled training session”.

Please do not agree to officiate at any friendly, closed door match or training match until further notice.

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To all Members

Hope you are well.

In light of today’s announcement that all domestic professional and grassroots football under the jurisdiction of the Scottish FA is suspended until further notice, I would inform you that the Referee Dept. has cancelled all scheduled Calendar of Events along with all Referee Associations’ meetings and Area training sessions until further notice.

The priority is the health and safety of members and you should not take unnecessary risks. However, where possible, members are encouraged to continue to train individually to ensure readiness to officiate on the resumption of games.

The re-start of football and Associations’ activities is presently unknown.  The details of the forthcoming Annual General Meeting will be provided in due course.

I will keep all members updated of any future developments.

Best wishes,


Association Manager

SFA Referees Glasgow

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South Area Training Update

South Area training is off this evening

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