Jennifer’s up for the Challenge

Glasgow Association member Jennifer Carbery has been enjoying her first taste of international football.

The 19-year-old is proving that the opportunities are out there for female referees, highlighted by her appointment to two recent International Challenge matches.  She was assistant at both the Scotland v Switzerland and Scotland v Belgium matches and thoroughly enjoyed both games.

She said: “Being able to be involved in these games was a great experience for me, especially as they were my first international appointments.  For the Belgium game we were able to use the communication equipment as well which was a first for me and it was good to be able to have that extra form of communication with the other officials.  However, it did take a while for me to get used to using it.”

Jennifer regularly runs the line at Junior football and has been receiving some high-profile appointments in the Scottish Womens Premier League.  And she also recently took part in a coaching day for female officials at Airdrie.  This involved a video analysis section based on Women’s Football.

Jennifer said: “The coaching day allowed for discussions about decisions but it was also easier to make links to what we would personally do, as all those who attended are involved in Women’s Football.  We also did a fitness test which was mostly based on working in a small group.  This allowed us to work with people who were of similar ability and we could motivate and push each other which was great.

“It was a great experience being able to meet up with other female referees and that and the international appointments have really allowed me to develop further.”

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